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Items of Interest

  • Partnering with local providers for counseling

  • Helping many local families to find solutions

  • An annual cap of $500 of funding to benefit per couple

  • All couples that receive assistance remain anonymous

  • Applications/reimbursement forms can be made by counseling providers on behalf of couples

Strong Foundation

The STRONG Foundation, created in 2019, is a solution based program that provides immediate financial resources for marriages needing professional and confidential guidance.

A healthy marriage is the foundation of our society. With divorce rates at an all time high, our churches, families, schools, and communities are overwhelmed and the impact on these institutions cannot be measured. STRONG Foundation was developed to provide immediate counseling resources to couples desiring to keep their marriages together.

The program is simple: A pastor of one of the Grinnell area churches identifies the need to refer a married person or couple to a STRONG Network marriage counselor.


  • Immediate Assistance for Marriages
  • Strengthens Marriages
  • Strengthens Families
  • Strengthens Churches
  • Strengthens Communities
  • Available Certified Counseling Resources
  • No Prequalification for Financial Assistance
  • Professional and Confidential
  • Available to One or Both Spouses