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Imagine Grinnell’s Get-Together at Marvin Garden

September 12, 2022 Imagine Grinnell invites volunteers, friends and community members to Get-Together at Marvin Gardens for an end of the season celebration! The event takes place on Sunday, September 18 from 1 – 3 p.m. and includes appetizers, beverages and live music from Emma Kieran, singer-songwriter from Grinnell College. Seating will be limited and [...]

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Grinnell has 9 Giving Gardens providing free produce to all

July 28, 2022 Fresh, free produce is available anytime at local Giving Gardens! See the locations And watch the facebook page Grinnell Giving Gardens for updates.

Unity Point – GRMC Giving Garden

July 22, 2022 Basil and Tomatoes... what an amazing combination. You can find them both at the UPH-GRMC Giving Garden. Located conveniently in the Healing garden on Reed St. The Giving Gardens are supported by funds donated and grants. If you want to support the gardens by giving, see the link here:

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Join Plate To Plant Compost Program

July 18, 2022 Join the Plate to Plant compost program!!! Imagine Grinnell is staring itssummer subscription drive (open for the whole month of August). Composting is as easy to start and has a huge impact. By putting your food scraps into the compost bin, you can divert 1/3rd of your car's carbon emissions for the year! [...]

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Kohlrabi ready to harvest at Ahrens Garden

July 9, 2022 Did you know the Giving Gardens are run by different groups? The Ahrens Park garden, located behind the Foundation office at 1510 Penrose St. is run by the Ahrens Park staff, the Foundation office staff and volunteers and interns. The best part about this garden is being able to see community members [...]

Summer Street Giving Garden

July 5, 2022 Summer Street garden located at the end of Summer St. is run by the Rotary Club of Grinnell. Lowell Bunger tells us why he gardens: "I’ve gardened all my life. I love the opportunity to work outside watching plants go from seeds to harvest. But, it makes it even more satisfying knowing [...]

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Learn about compost pickup in Grinnell

May 18, 2022 New compost dirt straight from the compost bins at Marvin Garden going onto the beds. Thank you Plate to Plant for your hard work! If you would like to learn about compost pickup in Grinnell send us a message or sign up here:

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9 Giving Garden locations in Grinnell

April 15, 2022 Check out all of the Giving Garden locations in Grinnell: Ahrens Park Grinnell Community Early Learning Center Summer St. Park St. John's Lutheran Church Unity Point Health/GRMC Fairview Elementary Bailey Park Elementary Davis Elementary Marvin Garden The Giving Gardens are supported by funds donated and grants. If you want to support [...]

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